Neues Album von Bilbao veröffentlicht

Happy Release Day Bilbao! Am 24.06. erschien endlich ihr neues Album „Shake Well“ – Die perfekte Einstimmung auf die schon bald anstehende Headliner Tour.

Zum feierlichen Ereignis haben sich die Jungs auf Social Media an ihre Fans gewandt:

We are a small band and we haven’t been around for long – but everything we’ve experienced so far has been wonderful and we want more of it! We are here to stay❤️‍🔥
We wrote the first songs for this album during the first lockdown in 2020. It’s been a wild journey from then until now: Our very first concert at the Reeperbahn Festival 2020, suddenly a big record deal, then off to the studio, recording songs. Then Max suddenly quit the band, nobody of us knew if the band will survive this blow to the head. We were devastated and almost gave up. Then Léon came and pulled us out of the deepest hole. So we went back into the studio, wrote new songs, rewrote old songs, finished the album. Playing the first „real“ concerts after lockdown, business meetings, shooting videos, taking photos, doing almost everything DIY, canceling shows because of COVID, doing social media every day, giving interviews & suddenly playing on huge festival stages … and now we’re here!
We’ve been working our asses off for the last 2 years to get this album released. And despite the hard work, we know that it’s not common at all that you people listen to our music. Honestly, we are so happy about every single person out there who is part of our journey. You guys are the reason we get to do this and that’s why we love you! This album is yours! 💚💚
Nothing but love🌴
Léon, Jan, Robin, Jannes

(Bilbao, Facebook)

Erlebt Bilbao live am 23.11.22 im Orangehouse.

Tickets und weitere Infos zum Konzert gibt es HIER.

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